A Brief Intro To LinkedIn Content Marketing

LinkedIn is a social networking site with a professional twist. If you were to do content marketing today, you simply cannot overlook LinkedIn. The platform makes it easier to reach and connect with your target audience. LinkedIn users also see the site as a reliable source for quality content. No wonder LinkedIn marketing campaigns have surpassed Twitter in terms of reach and engagement. However, the million dollar question is whether all content on the website gets necessary visibility. The answer to this is a resounding no. Fortunately, there are certain things you could do to expand your reach.

Expand Your Network

LinkedIn is not the same as other social networks. It therefore warrants a different approach. There are several things you may do to grow your network. Inviting like-minded individuals on LinkedIn is one way to get the ball rolling. Also, make sure your profile page is complete, and your LinkedIn URL has an email signature. Send personalized messages to people to get connected.

Have Your Business Page in Place

If you don’t have a company page on LinkedIn yet, it’s time you create one now. Your company page would offer your organization an identity. It’s the place where you must put information about what your company is. Add a logo to make things look more professional. Search engines like businesses with a LinkedIn page and provide them more visibility in search results. Needless to say, a company page makes it a lot easier to deliver news to followers.

Join Groups

If your company is into selling digital marketing services, join and participate in LinkedIn groups related to your industry. There are several groups on the site that you may join to know what’s cooking in your niche and what your competitors are up to. Such participation would boost the number of people visiting your company website and also provide you improved visibility.

Make sure you join the right groups. To locate the ideal group, check how many members are there in the group and how active the group is. To view information relating to interaction among group members, check the statistics box. It would reveal the total number of articles posted during the last month, along with the total comments each post received.

No Thoughts or Personal Messages

LinkedIn is a space for professionals and not a place where you post something personal. Doing so would only make you look nonsensical and weird, and also destroy any credibility you may have created till then. Remember, giving birth to a child is great, but you do not talk about that on LinkedIn. You’ve got Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for that.

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