Branding Essentials For Designers

Although the logo is the best place to start a branding identity, it is more than just that. Every business needs something authentic that does not only reflect what the company is about, but also connects to people emotionally.

Here are the best branding essentials for designers:


A logo can be a graphic symbol or a simple wordmark with a distinct font. It is the most essential element of any brand identity.

Many companies use a graphic symbol as a logo. However, some companies choose to use a wordmark because they are simpler to design and usually costs less. In addition, it makes the company easier to identify.

When designing a logo, make sure determine whether the company that needs it want to identify themselves through a symbol, a wordmark or both. Mixing a graphic symbol with a wordmark is probably the best option.


Logos have to be designed consistently, but they need to have variations for different purposes. This will depend on where the logo will be placed.

Logos are not only used on walls, billboards, posters, product designs, and other print media these days. They are also commonly used in online marketing. Hence, be sure to create different variations for online marketing purposes (e.g. on social media platforms and company website).

In addition, design logos with black and white variations to ensure that they can be used against any light or dark background.


Designers should be aware of complementary and supplementary colors when designing for brands. Although this is essential in any type of design endeavor, what is more important is the psychology behind the color.

Every designer should be aware of the different emotional meanings of color. For example, blue stands for trust, yellow symbolizes optimism, while red signifies excitement or energy.

Understanding the message that the company wants to convey to their target market allows you to make use of appropriate colors intended to target the right audience.


Although the logo and other branding elements can have different variations depending on use, they should be consistent in terms of design (size, shape, pattern, font, images, etc.).

In every branding design that you make, be sure to make them have the same style, look and feel. The color may change depending on the background, though, but the overall impact on the viewer should be the same.


These are just some of the branding essential for designers, but these fundamental principles can make or break the business you are creating the design for.

Whenever you start conceptualizing a design for a particular business, always conduct an interview with your client. Determine the type of design they want and try to suggest possible design concepts as well.

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