The Best Wall Paneling Systems For Your Walls

Wall paneling has been trending and gaining popularity over the past few years. This type of wall finish is even taking over other popular finishes such as cladding with tiles, painting, and wallpapering. There are many reasons why wall paneling has been gaining popularity. Among them are hygiene, durability, and cost. As a matter of fact, most wall panel designs are of higher quality than paint or tiles, and cheaper than wallpaper. Another reason why wall panels are popular is they are able to conceal flaws and unsightly features such as exposed wiring and cables, something that is not possible with paint, wallpapers, or cladding with tiles.

In this article, we will be advising you on the most popular and trendy wall panel systems that you can use for your walls. The panel materials we will discus here are made of wood, medium-density fiberboard, fabric, and PVC. We chose these materials based on their durability, cost, and hygiene. Let us take a look at them.

– Natural wood panels

If you are looking for a wall panel that offers good thermal and acoustic insulation, then go for the ones made of natural wood. Natural wood panels are also easy to repair and replace. Apart from that, they do not have grouting lines, meaning that they do not discolor or collect dirt. When their surface is damaged, you can easily sand them down and reseal them to renew their surfaces.

– Fabric panels

Fabric wall panels are perfect for smooth and hard walls. They are available in a ton of beautiful designs. On top of that, these type of wall panels make a room more cozy and have a casual feel.

– PVC panels

PVC panels have a lot of advantages. Among these advantages are easy maintenance, very hygienic, fire-resistance, high durability, and long-lasting. They are perfect for use in the kitchen, shower room, and bathroom because they are easy to clean and waterproof. You can also find glossy or matte PVC panels. They are the ones sealed with a protective lacquer that also makes them dustproof, therefore, ideal for people who are allergic to dust, or for your kids bedroom. PVC panels are also relatively quick and easy to install.

– Medium-density fiberboard

Medium-density fiberboards are also known as MDF. This type wall panel is a composite wood product made by binding resin and small wood fibers under extreme pressure and heat. The best thing about this panel is that it can be made to look like wood by staining it and it is also cheap. This means that you get to spend much less for a product that looks like natural wood panels. The main draw back of this material is that it is weaker than the one made of natural wood.

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