Benefits Of Using Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

Do you want to avoid the headache associated with the PCB project management? You do not want to get involved in arranging the components from different suppliers. Turnkey PCB assembly services are the perfect solution for this purpose. With this type of service, it is the job of the PCB assembly company to source all components for your boards. It will use bills of material (BoM) document supplied by you to order the right components. The turnkey solution is perfect for companies, project development teams and engineers involved in complex projects.

Do More in Less Time

As you remove not so necessary aspects of PCB ordering project, you will have less work to do without compromising the quality of the PCBs. You can complete the full development cycle with prototyping, validation and low volume production. If you try to handle the job of component sourcing as well, it will increase the time it takes to order your PCBs and get them made. With the turnkey order, the assembling company will guarantee only the components as specified by you in the BoM document are used in the boards. All processes will be completed fast because the PCB company has list of prominent component suppliers.

Achieve Better Results

When your project is less complex, you can focus on more important aspects of your PCB making. You will avoid spending time and energy on works that can be handled better by the PCB assembly company. You will still get the highest quality boards. Each unit will undergo several checks and tests so you will receive boards that meet the highest electronic standards. They will meet the specifications as set in the PCB design file. The components will match the specifications set in the BoM file.

Turnkey Services for Both Prototypes and Large Volume Orders

Turnkey PCB assembly services are available for all types of orders including prototypes, small volume orders and large volume orders. Whether you are a startup, a medium-size business or a large company, orders of all levels are accepted under the turnkey manufacturing plan. Both prototyping and large volume production with no quantity restriction are accepted. You can receive the quote right away by just providing your PCB design file and a few other details at the PCB company’s web portal. You will receive the response within 24 hours of submitting this online form.

This service comes with integrated DFM resolution, automated BoM sourcing, and the best quality control systems. By leaving the component sourcing to the PCB company, you will not only speed up the production of PCBs but also the production of your product. Call now to receive a quote.

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