How To Become A Model In Melbourne

The modelling industry has evolved in the past few years and there is now demand for all kinds of models. For instance, unlike it was the case a while back, the modeling industry is not just for the size 8 models. Plus-size models are also enjoying a rewarding career in the industry. You’ll also find agencies seeking hand models as well as feet models among others. If you don’t qualify for a certain category, then you can always try a different one.

Melbourne is a wonderful place to start a modelling career. There are many agencies looking for all kinds of models and it won’t be long before you find one that suits your individual needs. But before you get started, there are various things to take into consideration.

How to Become a Model in Melbourne

Familiarize Yourself

There is more to modelling than just posing for pictures and cat walking. Before you set out to look for a modelling agency in Melbourne, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the industry and ensure you know as much as you can.


Since you’ll be doing a lot of posing and walking, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by practicing every chance you get. You can hone your skills by modelling for your friends and family as often as you can. The support you get from your loved ones goes a long way towards improving skills and confidence.


A quick Google search will reveal a plethora of agencies operating all over Melbourne. However, you shouldn’t jump to the first one you come across, and instead, learn more on all your available options. Start by reading reviews and finding out what others have to say about them.

Take Professional Pictures

Agents will often ask for your photos a part of the interview. Most aspiring models make the mistake of bringing pictures they took themselves, often with low-quality resolutions. To improve your chances of getting accepted, be sure to hire a professional photographer for all the pictures you intend to use in your portfolio.

Make Friends in the Industry

It won’t be enough to have the looks and confidence – you’ll also need to know people who know people. Avoid being hasty when searching for agencies to avoid disappointments. You could try taking other simpler jobs at modelling agencies and make as many friends as you can. These ones will help you both with advice as well as connect you with the right people.

Invest in Modeling

When you are serious about a career in modeling, you should do everything you can to bring the dream to reality. For instance, invest in stylish clothes and be ready to spend more money on this venture.

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