Are You A First-time Wearer Of Colored Contacts? Here’s What You Should Know

The surge in the demand for colored contacts has been due to their applicability in both medical, beauty and entertainment industries. Traditionally, contact color lenses were worn by celebrities, movie personalities and beauty enthusiasts. For the last four decades, colored contacts have evolved from the block colors to more chic and flashy designs that have come to change the contact lenses industry in a huge way. If you are looking to know the fuss around these devices, but aren’t so sure where to start your search, this article gives you a clear guide on some of the things you should know or consider before buying your costume color contacts brown eyes or prescription contact lenses.

Am I Suitable for Colored Lenses

Before you finally decide to experiment with either cosmetic or medical colored contacts, you should ensure to consult with your optometrist first. Remember contacts are not meant for all people so you need to ensure you are the right candidate for them before trying them. In addition, you might be suitable for contacts lenses but not every type or lens power will be good for your eyes.

If you have used regular lenses before, you are good to go with the colored types, except that you’ll need to find an optometrist to fit them for you. So can you get them when you wear prescription? Absolutely yes! Verified vendors stock a variety of brands that come in a range of prescriptions. For instance, Solitica, Anesthesia and Bella are some of the brands that will come in a range of prescriptions ranging from 0.000 to 6.00. Therefore, you can achieve the color and tint of your dreams and a crisp vision if you accurately research your vendor and brand.

After How Long Should I Replace My Colored Contacts?

The frequency of replacing contact lenses is a matter of personal preference but it also depends on the eye condition and how comfortable you feel in your pair of contacs. Some of the leading sellers of these devices offer a variety of soft and comfortable devices that come in yearly lens. This option means you can save a lot more.

However, some people prefer daily or monthly colored lenses perhaps because they like changing up their looks more frequently. You can also go for daily lens if you are trying to experiment with the devices before you can commit to monthly our yearly lens. You can talk to your eye care expert to know when you should replace your pair so you avoid some of the potential risks that comes with having your lenses stay longer than they should.

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