A Guide To Picking The Right Lens Color For Fly Fishing Sunglasses

Lens color is among the most crucial things to consider when purchasing your fly fishing sunglasses. But making the right lens color choice can be tricky particularly when you are presented with multiple lens color options or when you are doing it for the first time. As a guide, here is a guide to help you pick the right lens color for fly fishing sunglasses.

Put your fishing needs into consideration

Not all lens colors are suitable for all types of fly fishing. Here is a breakdown of the various lens colors that are ideal for different types of fly fishing.

• Yellow lenses: These lenses are typically crafted for fishing in lowlight conditions. The lenses are an excellent choice for anglers who indulge in different types of fly fishing.

• Grey lenses: These lenses are suitable for general fishing needs. They can be used for fishing offshore, inshore or nearshore

• Blue mirror lenses: The lenses are a perfect choice for offshore fly fishing. They match well with the blue color of the offshore waters.

Light conditions

Fly fishing takes place in different light conditions. But the best flying fishing should be done before dark or very early in the morning when there is ample light. To take advantage of the low light conditions, the best lens color options are yellow or rose since they are suitable for low light conditions present during early hours of the morning or late in the evening before dark. When the light is too strong especially during daytime, the right lens color option to choose is copper. Always choose a color that matches the light conditions of where you intend to go for fly fishing.

Water types

Different types of fishing waters require different lens colors. For instance, the best lens color options for fly fishing in shallow waters such as in lakes and rivers are bronze, amber or copper. The best color option for fishing in deep waters is blue since it allows anglers view fish. Moreover, grey or blue lens colors are best suited for deep, dark waters since they help counter the direct overhead light present in such waters, hence making it easier to spot fish irrespective of the depth of the water.


Choosing the best fly fishing sunglasses can be easier if you understand the right lens color that is ideal for your specific fly fishing needs. Therefore, take into consideration the type of fly fishing you intend to do when shopping for your fly fishing sunglasses and then ensure the lens color you select matches your needs.

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