A Brief On Website Feedback Tool

You’ll want to use a website feedback tool to measure your website’s performance. These tools provide valuable insight into business KPIs, such as purchase conversion rates. For example, you can find out why visitors abandon your site before making a purchase or completing a payment. You can also learn why visitors leave your site after adding items to their shopping carts. However, you should never rely solely on these tools to help your website increase conversion rates. Website feedback tools are a great way to gain more insights into your visitors’ behavior and improve your site.


Sleekplan website feedback tool allows website owners to track and analyze user feedback. Besides displaying the feedback to the website owner, Sleekplan also allows sorting the feedback data by country, language, free or paid products, and more. It also enables the users to leave their comments anonymously and quickly by using single sign-on and email. The user’s feedback is then analyzed to identify the most important issues and prioritize the next steps. The feedback tool integrates with the tools you already use and even creates a public changelog.


If you’re serious about using your website feedback tool, you’ll find that Usersnap is one of the most powerful tools available today. Its customizable feedback widgets and feedback tickets can be placed on any website and shared with others. You can create feedback tickets with a few clicks, take screenshots, and make annotations. You can even drag and drop text boxes and arrows to capture feedback. Using Usersnap is simple and free to use, and it will help you quickly collect feedback from your customers.


One of the best ways to get valuable feedback about a website is to collect it through a feedback tool. This is where Usabilla comes in. This tool lets you gather feedback from your website visitors by collecting their views of your content. Then you can use this feedback to improve your campaign. However, be aware that the tool does not have a one-size-fits-all pricing structure. Instead, you can get a customized quote based on your specific requirements and the monthly activity of your apps, websites, and emails.

Survey Monkey

If you want to create a feedback survey for your website but are concerned about the security of your survey responses, you may want to check out SurveyMonkey. It offers robust security and a large library of questions to choose from. It can be self-hosted and export your data in CSV and XLS files. In addition, it allows you to customize your survey form with conditional logic and branding. You can also publish your survey on your website and share it via email with your audience.

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