6 Ways To Build A 1950 Wardrobe

Feel like you were born in the wrong era? Wish you had been around in Hollywood’s golden age? While it can be difficult to find period pieces in a modern world, here are 6 easy ways to build a 1950 wardrobe without spending big bucks.

Find the perfect shade of red lipstick.

Red was synonymous with the 50s. Experiment with different shades of red to find out what shade works best for you. The foundation of every great vintage look starts with the right makeup.

Invest in red high waisted shorts, a bold short is a staple of 50s culture. Sailor style shorts are a great go-to for your vintage wardrobe. You can find these styles at boutiques dedicated to 1950 style but they can be expensive. You can find red high waisted shorts at other stores online for much less. You just have to know what to look for.

Buy off the shoulder styles.

An off the shoulder basic is a nod to all the starlets of the 50s screen. Marilyn loved a basic off the shoulder. You can easily find fitted off the shoulder tees at most any online store.

Stock up on pencil skirts and a lines.

Stars like Hepburn and Ginger Roberts loved these silhouettes and they weren’t alone. These were the very makeup of the 1950 look. With alines, go for longer fits. What made the alines so flouncy were tulle tutus that were worn underneath. This shortens the length of the skirt.

Try rounded flats, old school cloth sneakers and t-straps.

From head to toe, you’ll look like a 1950 dream in any of these styles. Mix and match them to dress up or dress down any outfit in your closet.

Know you’ll be piecing your wardrobe together if you want to dress this way daily.

When you are a fashionista in love with a certain era, you’ll always be shopping for your clothes one piece at a time. It will never be a one stop shop… especially if you don’t have a lot to spend. But that’s ok. That’s half the adventure!

Trends are over rated. Use your closet a time machine and you’ll never be bored… or look boring. As you begin your journey to building your wardrobe know that it might take a little time but the end results will be absolutely classic… quite literally.

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