5 Tips To Help Los Angeles Residents Get The Most Out Of Breathwork Classes

Breathwork is often performed to boost mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. For starters, it involves intentionally changing your breath patterns to promote deep relaxation or an energized feeling. People also practice breathwork to develop life skills, boost their personal and professional relationships, and increase self-image, confidence, and self-esteem.

Unlike meditation, where you explore your mental realm, breathwork is an active technique that helps you disconnect from the mind and enter a different state of consciousness. During these classes, the participants lay down and engage in active breathing while music plays in the background. Typically, each session takes about 20-25 minutes, followed by a 10-minute rest. Breathwork calms your mind, reduces anxiety and depression, and causes feelings of gratitude and openness among other benefits. If you are looking to benefit from your classes fully, keep in mind the following tips.

Stay warm

Breath cycles undergone during breathwork sessions may contribute to a change in your body’s physiology, and as a result, you may get chilly. It’s, therefore, advisable to bring a blanket with you or wear warm clothes when attending your classes. Although some trainers offer blankets, it’s best to be on the safe side.

Don’t exercise on a full stomach

Being on an empty stomach is a primary consideration for breathwork classes. A full belly will compromise your ability to connect deeply with your breath. To fully and comfortably focus on your breath, consider taking a meal two hours or more before attending your daily sessions.

Be open-minded

Keep your unrealistic expectations of LA breathwork classes and be ready to embrace the outcome. You don’t want to attend your sessions with a vision of great experiences and getting surprised when you don’t get the expected outcomes. Expect approximately 45 minutes of self-care and be open to the results of letting go of things happening in your life.

Dress comfortably

The same way a full stomach would hinder you from fully connecting with your breath, tight clothes can also be an impending factor. Wear loose clothes and avoid garments such as tight jeans and belts to participate in the exercises comfortably.

Commitment Pays

As you already know, commitment is key to success in almost every aspect of human life—whether it is education, business, career, and even breathwork session. Always attend your classes, pay attention to the trainer’s instructions, and actively engage in the breathing exercises.

Observing the above tips will help you gain optimally from LA breathwork classes. Find a recognized and well-reputed training center and implement the above tips to reap breathwork’s benefits.

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