5 Important Solutions Computer Security Companies Provide To Small Businesses

Cybercriminals like attacking small businesses because they assume that small businesses don’t have the financial muscles to secure themselves against cyberattack. Contrary to this perception, cybersecurity has never been that expensive to think that it’s only available to large businesses — at least not in Sydney. Thus, small businesses can also enjoy cybersecurity solutions at affordable rates from the leading computer security companies Sydney has to offer. But where do you start? Are there particular security solutions that make more sense than others, especially if you are a startup? Well, as a guide, here are 5 important solutions you can start with:

Firewall Installation

To monitor traffic and threats on your computer network, you need to install a firewall. This is something that only computer security companies can do effectively. The firewall will act as a protective barrier between your business and cyber attackers. In this case, no security threat will bypass the barrier.

Cybersecurity Software Updates

Cybersecurity threats like computer viruses and malware tend to develop tolerance against old software updates. That’s why you need to update these programs often. Since you may now know what’s more effective at the time, you can ask computer security companies.

Cloud Storage

In this day and age, it’s recommended to back your data in the cloud in addition to using external storage devices. If your storage devices are destroyed or stolen, you can still access the data online if it’s stored in the cloud. With so many cloud storage services available, a computer security company can direct you to the right one.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPNs are a critical cybersecurity solution for small businesses as they allow you to encrypt all your in-and-out traffic. Thus, every piece of information that goes through your computer devices or via Wi-Fi connections is protected by encryption. In case a cybercriminal manages to intercept your network, they’ll come across encrypted data which they’ll find useless.

Staff Training

Lastly, a computer security company can train your staff on the best cybersecurity practices to employ at work. Since new cybersecurity threats are registered daily and that cybercriminals are updating their tricks, it’s good to have your staff updated.


The above solutions provided by most good computer security companies Sydney has to offer are a must-access for small businesses–that’s if you want to secure and protect your data and business secrets. The bonus is that the solutions are affordable. Just talk to the companies about them. It is also critical to check the reputation and reliability of company or provider before you sign any contract with them.

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