5 Clever Ways To Store Your Office Supplies Under Your Desk

We all have under desk storage problems. It’s the one thing you never think about until it starts to pile up under your desk and when you feel like you’re sitting on a mountain of office supplies. Here are five clever ways that can help solve this problem!

Use baskets

Baskets under your desk to hold pens, scissors, paperclips, etc. They’re cheap and take up less space than boxes or containers under your desk. Additionally, baskets can be used to store under desk storage and hide it. Just make sure you get clear ones!

Put under desk drawers under your desk.

This is a great space saver because the drawer will be hidden below but still easily accessible when you need to reach for something on top of your desk. There are several options that can fit under any type of office furniture; we carry wire mesh designs and wooden models with easy glide mechanisms. And don’t worry — these under-desk drawers won’t interfere with opening or closing your work surface’s knee hole (if applicable). Tips: if there isn’t enough room between the bottom of the drawer and the floor underneath, use PVC pipe pieces instead. Use those shoe organizers everyone has under their bed for under desk storage.

Add under desk storage compartments.

Use under desk organizers to hold all of your stuff in one place. You can buy these online or at most office supply stores. They are inexpensive and take up almost no space under your desks! They’re great for keeping everything organized too. Use them for sticky notes, business cards, pens/ pencils, etc.

Get rid of anything you don’t need

There’s no point in holding onto items if they’re not being used anyway! If you need under desk storage, this is an easy way to make room under your desks. Furthermore, eliminating clutter under your desk can help you be more productive too. It’s much easier to concentrate when there isn’t a jumbled mess under the desk!

Organize under desks with bins

Bins and baskets are another great way to store under-desk items, especially if you need under desk storage for things like paper clips, staples, etc. The best part about using these is that they’re also easy to transport around the office so you won’t have any trouble finding where ever it is that you left them last time!

To conclude, under-desk storage is a great way to make some extra room under your desks. There are lots of different options out there for under desk storage, so take the time to look around and find what works best for you!

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