4 Top Varieties Of Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting

The wide variety of applications that heavy duty plastic sheeting lends itself is admirable to say the least. They can for example be used as surface protection films. Certain other ingredients can be mixed during their manufacturing process to lend them some special properties too. They can be for example be made fire retardant. Then there is the heavy-duty variety that is used for protecting greenhouses. Then there is the variety of applications that they can be used for inside homes too. They can be used as a safe substitute for glass. They can even be used as a table cover. Such is the versatility of this material.

Surface protection film

Let us take a look at their use as a surface protection film. One good example is the transport of carpet material for long distances. Heavy duty plastic sheeting ensures that there is no spillage of any liquid onto the carpet during the transportation, which could sometimes take a couple of months. Now, this is a job that only this type of plastic sheeting is capable of doing.

Fire retardant sheeting

Similarly, there are specialized fire-retardant additives that can be mixed with the plastic sheeting. This would make the sheeting doubly strong. They would protect any good that they are wrapping from flames. In fact, even under conditions of extreme heat, the plastic surface will not erupt into flames. It may at the most melt from the heat and not burn.

HDPE variety

There is another variety that is used for several key civil engineering applications called ‘HDPE or high-density polyethylene. Now, this specially formulated plastic sheeting is known for its distinct properties. It shows excellent chemical resistance. It also has very high tensile strength. It is typically used as a ‘geomembrane’ during construction activities. A geomembrane for example is used for keeping together freshly laid concrete on a newly constructed bund or on a slope adjoining a road on hilly terrain.

Greenhouse plastic

Then we come to one of the most interesting and well known heavy duty variety. Known as greenhouse plastic sheeting in simple terms, they designed to withstand some of the harshest of conditions. They are designed to take on a variety of climatic conditions. So, whether it is snow, rain or heat, you can trust them to provide you excellent protection. Another excellent characteristic that they display is that of color fastness. You won’t find this plastic going yellow over a period of time, due to the vagaries of the weather. What this means is also less maintenance, which is one of the key reasons why it is used a lot in construction of experimental greenhouse environments.

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