4 Questions To Consider When Ordering Colored Contact Lens From An Online Seller

While buying colored contact lenses online is convenient and fast, ensuring that you are buying from a reputable and genuine seller online can be a challenge. Although e-retailers may list the best prices on their websites, they may not provide the types of lenses or the kind of services you are after. Here are four questions you should consider when purchasing colored contacts online.

Does The Seller Ask For A Prescription?

The Food and Drugs Administration recognizes colored contact lenses as medical devices. It’s, therefore, a requirement for a consumer to acquire a written prescription from a professional and certified doctor when buying the accessories. Be wary of an online seller who does not require you to send the prescription. Such a retailer is endangering the safety of your eyes, and you may end up not receiving the best lenses for your eyes.

How is the customer care?

You may require the retailer to address a specific problem with your contacts immediately. Moreover, you may need to ask questions regarding the lenses or their shipment. So, it’s of utmost importance to test the customer support services before ordering your devices. A reputable online seller should have a working toll-free telephone number, email, or query form on their website. Go ahead and email or call the company, and consider another site if there are no answers.

What’s the seller’s return policy?

Be sure to check the seller’s return policy before completing your purchase. Get to know what happens in case your contact lenses get damaged during shipping. You may have subscribed for an annual supply but your subscription changes along the way. Can the seller accept unopened boxes and what happens after the return? Contact customer care to answer such questions if you can get them answered in the return policy section.

How secure is the website?

You will be required to enter your personal and credit card information when ordering contact lenses from a particular website. A secure page should have an URL starting with “https://” and not “http://”. Also, check for a locked, green padlock icon at the address bar just at the beginning of the URL. Additionally, check the credibility of the seller by searching for user reviews and rating on the web. You certainly don’t wish to come across internet fraud.


You have decided to buy colored contact lenses online. The next step is to ensure that you receive what you are looking for and in the best manner. Check the security of the seller’s website, the return policy, and customer care support. What’s more, avoid e-retailers who don’t ask for a medical prescription, whether you are purchasing cosmetic or prescription contact lenses.

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