3 Reasons You Should Teach English In Vietnam

For many, working and traveling doesn’t always go hand-in-hand, it’s either one or the other. If you wanted to see the world, you’d plan a vacation or wait for retirement. The idea of earning a decent living while traveling isn’t too farfetched though, as for a while now, that dream seems to have taken the form of Vietnam Teaching Jobs.

Vietnam is literally the heart of Southeast Asia, and if traveling throughout Asia is your dream then you are just a step away from other amazing Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea. More importantly, all you need is a college degree. You can take a TEFL course in Vietnam itself; it’s usually a four-week, 140-150 hours of intensive training after which you get a certificate. Now, why should you teach English in Vietnam? Well, here are 3 reasons why teaching in this part of Asia is lucrative:

It’s pretty easy to land a job

There are a lot more Vietnam Teaching Jobs opportunities for English teachers than in the rest of Southeast Asia. The country boasts of thousands of Expats teaching English, and yet there’s still plenty of room for more. Add to that the fact that you can simply turn up with a TEFL certification to get a job and you have a dream package.

The Pay Is Good

TEFL jobs Vietnam has to offer pays handsomely. It’s not any different from what you’d get back home. In a country with a low cost of living like Vietnam, you should be able to save at least $1000 per month. Now, if you take the TEFL course in Vietnam with reputable schools in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll be looking at a possible placement and good pay.

Your hours are flexible

The one thing you probably won’t miss while living and working in Vietnam is the fast-paced, back-breaking working life back home. You experience a much more relaxed lifestyle than what you were used to. You get to set your own hours which means more time to yourself.

If you have ever wanted to see the world and earn while you’re doing so without the worry of living one paycheck to another, you might as well answer the call of Vietnam. With less commitment and more time to yourself to explore and discover yourself, what else could you ask for? Although not a requirement, getting accustomed to the local language and culture of the Vietnamese early will not only increase your chances of securing a job fast but also making your stay in the country very smooth.

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